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we make do//wit what we got 
 // 6 Mar- 17 Apr 

eubie blake center balt., md 

Collage NT.jpeg

we make do//wit wat

we got

an ode to blk wmxn

is a cross-disciplinary show that speaks to the innate power of the black womxn’s ability to make somethin outta nuthin.Embodying the words and spirit of the late poet and activist June Jordan who reminds us, “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for''. 

Draped in 


is the debut  solo exhibition of a self-taught Baltimore cinematographer, director and photographer Kirby Griffin. Griffin uses his skill to capture the depths of black personhood and humanity. Through his methodical use of chiaroscuro, his works tell beautiful stories of the individual, with his subjects exuding a pensive and reflective nature.

Griffin shares, “So I was driven towards a God, a Black Woman, to be the subject, one specifically skilled in movement, and could communicate in that form.... I felt like I witnessed a reincarnation of mystique, in the form of Dark.”

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